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 Artist - Zhi Holloway

We are a collective of artists, musicians and creators

who aim to think about creation delicately using natural processes.

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Roman Lokati - Artist is a multidisciplinary artist born in Rota (Cádiz). He started his studies at the School of Arts and Crafts of Cádiz in 1988 until its completion in 1991. Later he continued his studies at Central Saint Martins / London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, where he graduated in 2006. He currently resides and develops his work in London. 

His projects are related to people and their environment by means of representing individuals, animals or objects, minimized and synthesized in their profiles or silhouettes developing daily activities. His works of clean and fine profiles, containing a clever mixture of irony, social criticism and philosophical reverie, are the result of a meticulous process of years of research and experimentation with various disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing, installations, photography and various techniques of graphic arts.


Robbie Pinna - Artist/Musician Having moved to London primarily to achieve a music career. I had quickly found myself developing a new passion for art on the side. Just like the music, I am a self-taught artist but although I was lucky enough to tour all over the world with artists such as Afrikan Boy and Ebony Bones and also have my music featured on film soundtracks and TV commercials. I have never had the chance to push my artwork abilities as I have done with the music. It was always rather personal to keep me sane and never aimed for sale.
I think of my artwork as a surreal battlefield where my mind struggles to get out of trouble with an overflow of chaotic contents. Here's a small collection of details from fragments of dreams and gashes of my states of mind at the time I have created this mini-series of pencil drawings. @pinnettomusic


Yrsa Daley-Ward Writer - Bone, The Terrible, The How Actor - World on fire, Model - Gucci, Valentino. @yrsadaleyward


VVVTURA - Artist/Musician The triple v's is an acronym for vices, values and virtues whereas Ventura means luck, this is the moniker I use to express my art because the themes are something, I actively think l about on a day-to-day basis. 

Expresses his view on the world & mind through mediums of painting, music, film and fashion. 

I started to discover my passion for these mediums from a very young age, from firstly drawing dinosaurs to creating beats on my phone to taking massive leaps into the world of films which incorporated all of my favorite mediums.
As I got older, I started to build and dive deeper into my crafts, researching into certain things which enhanced my worldview an example of this was my interest for anatomy at the time I have a piece called corpus callosum which is the part of the brain which use is the bridge for communication for the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Discovering this essentially shaped my understanding of how I operate within my selected fields, having my crafts bleed into each other. @jamelventura


NVW - Not very well - Artist & Entrepreneur Zhi Holloway formally Zoe Holloway designs for @notverywellclothinglabel recycled articles of apparel available for cold hard cash £$\ trade|cryptocurrency not very well is about contradiction in life, telling stories in a one-sided way my own personal story alongside, collaborating with other people's stories to better understand one another. Key point to the brand is re-use, recycle products and re-custom, many one off pieces, jackets, tshirts, tops or sets. Repeat pieces, open tied trousers, paneled boxer shorts & baseball tops. I love the advances in cash. (ocean plastics, color changing fabrics, VR models, 3D printed clothing), wearable tech (google glasses, AR, MR, Jacquard and wireless payment chips) the ability of using apps E and M commerce. 

outgroup | music and visual production, clothing and graphic design for artists in the out group | currently stocking fearnss' releases and exclusive merch along side original sustainable outgroup clothing | insta: @the_outgroup @fearnss

Hues - Artist/Musician (Collab members of music group NSG, Dennis & Mujib) @officialhues

I live by the Sea. - Artist Made in England by Ley Holloway based on the North Devon coast, the sea is both a source of materials and inspiration for the designs. Using sea glass, beach ceramics, vintage and modern beads, vintage lace and recycled jewellery, the pieces are unique and entirely hand made. The beading techniques used are needle weaving methods using mostly brick stitch. This is a time consuming method, where each bead is attached one at a time using needle and thread, resulting in a 'fabric' made from beads. The sea glass and other materials used for the pendant pieces have mounts made by stitching beads tightly around them onto a backing material. Almost all the pieces have a leather backing. More recently Ley has begun to make pieces from a copper with silver fused to it's surface, as well as silver clay. Ley is happy to make pieces to commission, either using a piece of sea glass you have yourself or a piece from her collection. Ley is also very open to any ideas you might have for jewellery that are within her skills to make. Perhaps a bridal piece made from offcuts of fabric from the bride's dress.


Bike Up Knife Down No Ends Just Friends - coming back soon

A fleur de piel perfume made in Barcelona by perfumista Alberto Fernandez @afleurdepiel.perfume


Michel - Artist work is a stylised version of the street art and abstract expressionism. The work consists of social and political commentary with references to the personal life of Michael De Vries.


Max Hatter - Artist/Musician and a Hatter. I was buying and tweaking hats from around the world before teaching myself to become a hatter. For added stature and comfort each hat is fitted with detachable cushioning or a small turban, thus TURBANESQUES. These hats will sit a little higher than usual (you want to be seen don't you?) but you can wear these pieces as you like; the cushioning will take care of that. I am working with felt, straw, fur (fake) and African/Dutch wax prints. I am always looking to collaborate with other artists/visionaries on new concepts designs and finishes. My studio is based on 'Johnsons Island' in West London. And yes, it actually sits on a tiny island on the river Brent and the Grand Union Canal next to Thames. If you love a hat drop by. @max_a_hatter


ZzzKo - Artist Scenes of small creatures with microscopic details designed to be a feast for your eyes. Stare at the prints to enter inspired worlds and dreamscapes, or wear clothes and accessories decorated with buildings and residents from cities of the eternal night. As your eyes squint and your brain expands, ZzzKo is here to gently guide you into the land of nod. @zzzkozone



Budding artist models... @mikeraydevries, @kasparthegreyt, @jamelventura